6 Items to Add to Your Baby Registry

Creating a baby registry is a simple way to let friends and family know the specific items you’d like for your newborn baby. Since most new parents choose a specific theme, it is important that people buy items that accommodate this style to avoid the hassle of returns. New parents are dealing with enough already! The baby registry is great to use for the baby shower and beyond. What type of items should you add to the registry? Most any item that you want for baby is easy to add to the registry, through the six items below are among the most popularly requested baby goods listed on the registry. Do you need these items on your registry?

1.    Car Seat: A car seat is a very important item that baby needs to come home from the hospital and to make all of those other visits to see everyone in the family. This is a great item to add to the registry!

changing table dresser

2.    Clothing: Baby clothes cost a lot of money. Pick out a few outfits for your bundle of joy and add them to your list. Nothing is more exciting than sorting through all of the adorable baby clothes you’ll receive.

3.    Glider: It is so easy to rock-a-bye baby to sleep when you own a glider. They’re a mom’s best friend. Make sure there is one in your baby’s nursery and add this item to the list of must haves.

4.    Diapers: There is no such thing as too many diapers. Baby’s go through diapers like it is water, so make sure there are plenty of them in newborn and size 1 on hand when baby arrives home from the hospital.

5.    Changing Table: Most parents appreciate the changing table dresser in the nursery. It alleviates stress during diaper changes and certainly adds great style to the room. Be sure to add the changing table dresser of your desire to the baby registry list.

6.    Stroller: I get around, baby. When baby has his own set of wheels, it just makes it easier to get where you’re going. Choose a stroller and add it to your baby registry.