Discovering What Is Celiac Disease Causes And Avoidance

This short note places emphasis on the causes and things to do to avoid contracting the disease. In the process of discovering just what is celiac disease, what to do and what not to eat, you will certainly avoid ever having to contract the disease. Even if you were to be generous with your servings of food sources that all contain gluten, the chances of you contracting the celiac disease remain minimal.

That may have something to do with the fact that a mere one percent of the population is suffering from this disease. Even so, among this small minority, up to eighty percent are not even remotely aware that they have the disease. And there is confusion because many of the symptoms are interrelated to other illnesses and conditions. If you are experiencing mild variations of such symptoms on rare occasions it is not likely that you have the disease.

But if they are prolonged, regular and sometimes painful, you will need a proper diagnosis to find out whether or not you are a victim of the disease. Should it happen that you are, there is no cause for alarm. Alarm bells may be set off once the medical practitioner’s consultation emphasizes that there is no known cure for the celiac disease. But it has been treated for a number of years already, mainly through prescribed medications and antibiotics.

Unfortunately, these medications have not always worked and numerous side effects are possible for the more vulnerable among patients. And another thing is this. People with celiac disease have had to take their medication indefinitely. A lapse in such treatment results in the red and sore blisters returning. This is one of the most gruesome symptoms of the disease. Fortunately, awareness of so many natural and healthy alternatives and practices have grown at a phenomenal rate.

And in the context of this disease, all sufferers need to know and do is the avoidance of gluten is essential and a gluten free diet needs to become a way of life. Coincidentally, a gluten free diet will ultimately lead to a number of other healthy outcomes. It is a win-win situation for everyone, with or without the disease. And from this day forward, wheat and barley should be avoided if you show any signs of gluten intolerance.

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But in its place will come the mystical quinoa seed.