Your Dieta Jejum Is A Spiritual Journey

If this is what you have been tasked to do, you need not be scared. Going on a dieta jejum is nothing as arduous as some naysayers may make it out to be. In the Christian parlance, you could call these gentlemen the doubting Thomas’s of the dieting and exercise world. But in order to make a success of this you would still need something of the Wisdom of Solomon and the patience of Job. While successful results will manifest, it will not happen overnight.

That it will happen comes down to proceeding through your intermittent fasting correctly. Doing so also requires a holistic approach to your personal life. You do not, however, need to be a religious fundamentalist to successfully lose excess weight over a period of weeks. Fasting anyhow does have a long religious legacy. It was not always a case of doing so for purely health and weight loss reasons, although it has to be said that a certain amount of prolonged intermittent fasting can bring about a disciplined resolve in practitioners.

dieta jejum

Just a little bit of self-sacrifice during your necessary diet fast can make you a stronger person, able to withstand life’s challenges. But you need to do this diet right from the first week you embark upon it. It is going to be of no use to you and your family if you are weak physically and mentally, weak-willed even, and that could happen if you take the incorrect approach (physically and mentally) to your fasting regime.

Make a note that unlike the saints and prophets of the past, you will not be fasting for days on end without a single bite to eat. It happens only twice a week that you fast. Depending on your progress and inner and physical strength, you could see yourself fasting from anywhere around sixteen to twenty four hours. The numbers do not need to be exact and there is no doctrine that you need to follow. It is also not a case of just going with the flow; however you may be feeling on any particular day.

And you still need to watch what you are eating. Not just what but when and how.